The pros and cons of a live video chat with girls

Video chat with girls is a great way of getting to know someone without endless messaging. Many guys wonder where to have a free online video chat with girls. There are plenty of services offering this feature and you can find them online.

Live video chats with girls are not always free though. There are a lot of paid sites with that feature. When you join a paid service, you must have a guarantee that your girl is real and serious. Unfortunately, even not all paid dating sites can ensure that.

Below, you will find out how to video chat with girls online and impress them, as well as how to avoid being scammed while doing it.

Why you should have a live video chat

After signing up with dating sites, many men simply fall in love with women’s pictures. Undoubtedly, all the pictures are great and all women look stunning in them. However, let’s not forget about professional pictures, Photoshop, and modern means of processing photos right on your phone.

Girls love using them and sometimes, abuse. If you do not want to be disappointed when having a real date, having a video chat is a must. If you communicate on a dating site with women from other countries, having dates is not that easy in that case and you will need to fly across the ocean maybe to meet your girls.

In that case, video chats are your guarantee that a woman is real, she looks like in her pictures, and she was writing all those letters to you. Unfortunately, scams are so frequent online that you cannot trust profile pictures only. It is better to verify if your woman exists at all.

How to find free video chat with girls

online video chat with girls

Very often, men find paid online dating sites and want to have a video chat with girls for free. It is impossible because such sites take a fee for this service. However, depending on the site, you can enjoy free video chats at times, for example, when you have enough points or can use it as your birthday gift.

Anyways, video chats on paid dating sites are not free and not very cheap, so if you want to enjoy high-quality services, get ready to pay some significant amount for it. There are ways to enjoy free online video chat with girls though and here is how.

Free chat rooms

Even though it’s hard to believe, there are online sources where you video chat absolutely for free. Such chat rooms sometimes do not even need you to register. You can simply join a free chat room and pick ladies to communicate with. Other sites require your registration though.

However, you should keep your initial goal in mind. What are you looking for in a free video chat with those girls? If your purpose is just to talk then it’s ok. You will hardly meet serious and family-oriented girls in such places though. If you want to find a girl for dating and long-term relationships, you will hardly meet her in such places.

Social networks

Another way to have a free video chat with some girls is to do it through your profile on social media. You know that many platforms have a free video chat option. People using social media every day add each other, become friends, communicate, and share different files.

These networks are a great place to meet many girls and even have a video chat with them for free. If there are many girls among your friends, you can talk to them or find some new ones to get in touch with. Keep in mind that serious girls looking for good men do not really want to get to know them this way.

You can try and get in touch with new girls for a video chat right on social media but get ready to possibly be rejected. It is very annoying when someone is calling you without even asking if you want to video chat or not, so do not be surprised if you are simply blocked. It is still much better to have a video chat with those girls who you already know a bit and who accepted your invitation.

Video chat with hot girls: must-know tips

live video chat with girls

If you have ever tried to talk to a woman in a free video chat, you should know that it may not always be successful. After such a call, some guys are rejected and do not understand even the reasons. However, girls have their reasons for refusing you and below, we are revealing all the secrets to you.

Check these tips on how to communicate with girls online in a video chat and try to use them during your chats. Hopefully, they will help you not to be rejected after your video call and keep communicating with your girl.

Get all dressed up

Do not think that if a girl can see your face and nothing more on a webcam, you do not need to dress up. As a rule, girls pay attention to how a guy looks and this is nothing but simple respect. If you appear without your T-shirt just in your panties and just woke up, she will hardly be impressed.

Even though you are having just a video chat with your girl, do not forget about a proper look while girls do care about it. You should dress as if you are having a real date. Be tidy, neat, keep your hair in order. Girls always look their best even when just talking on a video chat. You should do the same, otherwise, they will think you didn’t even care to make an impression, so you are not interested.

Make sure to pick a proper place

Choosing the right place for your video chat with a girl is also crucial. For example, you should not do it from public places or cafes while it’s too noisy there and you won’t be able to hear everything and talk properly. It is better to do it from your home.

However, make sure your room is also clean and everything looks to be in order. If there is your clothing everywhere, it’s better to put it away before your video chat. A girl should not see the mess in your room. It won’t make a great impression.

It is also not recommended to lie in bed while chatting. This is a very big turn-off for any girl. Any lady might think it is disrespectful. Although you may consider it to be sexy and attractive, the girls will not appreciate it. Always behave well and be respectful if you want a woman like you.

Don’t tell dirty jokes

free online video chat with girls

It’s crucial to think about what you are going to tell your girl during a video chat. It is better to be prepared beforehand. Being witty would increase your chances a lot. However, keep in mind that dirty jokes are not what girls are looking for during a video chat. If you are a fan of such jokes, you’d better forget about them.

It would be good to think well about what you are going to discuss during your video chat. Remember that you need to have a normal full-fledged dialogue when having a video call with a girl. If you are a listener usually, you will need to prepare questions beforehand not to be silent all the time. If you do not talk much, your girl will be bored very soon.

Don’t forget about a dialogue even if you are a chatterbox. Talking is great but don’t forget to give your girl time to think and reply to your questions. A healthy communication supposes both people to speak, ask, and answer questions.

Do not cover risky topics

Some topics are better not to discuss even when having free video chats with girls. Video chats are not about something serious but just getting to know each other. You should talk as smoothly and flawlessly as you usually do in real life. When you meet a girl somewhere in a café or club, you don’t speak about religion or politics, do you?

When you have a video chat, you should do the same. Avoid these topics because they are not for initial acquaintance with girls. You cannot imagine how many guys were rejected after asking their girls about their religious or political views in a video chat. If you don’t want to join them, speak about different things such as your hobbies, interests, plans for the future, leisure, children, etc. Leave all those serious and controversial topics for the future, otherwise, you will never find anyone to date.

Having a free video chat with a girl is possible and you can do it on different platforms and even social media. You just should not forget about the rules mentioned above and then, everything will work out very well. Having a video chat is also a sort of art and you should master it first before starting to talk to girls.

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