The pros and cons of dating while married

Married dating is a very controversial notion. You may take it as having dates with your spouse or simply dating someone else while being married or just dating a married person. Regardless of what sense you invest in this notion, below, you will find out what married dating is, what challenges it may bring you, and whether you can find some free dating sites for married people.

The pros and cons of dating sites for married people

Dating someone while being married is not a good thing and it contradicts with moral values of society. However, there are different situations in life and no one is insured from little affairs even when being married.

Some dating sites were created specifically for those married people who want to find someone to date apart from their marriages. There are both free and paid dating sites for married people. The advantages of such sites are that all people there know about each other’s statuses and do not mind about it.

As a rule, such sites are confidential for everyone and no one will find out about you using them. Be careful though — what if you will find your spouse among people looking for married dating? And think about what will happen if your wife or husband registers and finds your profile as well.

You can also join one of the casual dating sites or even start searching for someone on social media. It won’t be honest enough though for other people. They will not know about your status unless you mention it in your profile. Singles on dating sites do not expect to meet engaged or married people, so you should state your status in your profile or just join specific dating sites where everyone knows about it a priori.

The challenges of dating married women

married dating

Some guys adore feeling the thrill of pursuing married women. They see certain challenges in it and love proving themselves that they are still worthy of something and able to attract any woman, even the one that belongs to another man.

If you are one of those alpha males, you should know that there is nothing good in breaking someone’s marriage and family. Any married dating is related to many risks and challenges and before even thinking of it, you should at least become aware and think twice whether you should do it at all.

Be ready to face a mad husband

Do you still want to date a married woman? Now imagine what would you do if you found out your wife was dating someone else? You should know that too many crimes are committed by fooled husbands after finding out their spouses cheated on them. It is a good reason to never date a married woman.

If you still want to try it, be ready for a fatalistic meeting with a husband of your crush. Yes, your date could tell you she is separated and their family life ended up a long time ago and they just didn’t manage to divorce officially yet. Please know that in most cases, this is a lie and their spouses have no idea of their divorce and separation. Double-check this information before getting into a relationship with a married woman.

You are destroying a family

Being a destroyer of someone’s nest is not the best role for a real man. Are you ready to put up with that thought? Before even thinking of dating a married woman, realize that this is not a game and you are not putting on a good role.

Think of those people who may suffer because of your little affair. Does your new crush have children? This is a very important question and you should not forget about them. Married people spend years together and they are lawful spouses.

When you decide to interfere with their union, you may destroy everything they have been creating for years. Your selfish desire of satisfying your ego may destroy someone else’s life. Get ready to face their accusations and who knows how long they are going to blame you for their problems.

Avoid public places

One of the challenges of married dating is that you cannot show up in public places. No matter who of you is married — you or your crush, someone may notice you both and, of course, tell your spouses about it. When dating while being married, you must be hiding all the time like schoolboys and girls.

This cannot be even called dating as it has to be. You cannot afford real dates. You do not meet in the cafes or cinemas as all couples. All you can do is to meet in a hotel room or somewhere outside the city for weekends.

You may think that it is so romantic and there is something mysterious in it all, however, sooner or later, you both will have enough of it. If you still cannot avoid married dating, you can take vacations together if your time and finances allow you. Going somewhere where no one knows you is a great way of spending top-quality time together.

Married dating tips

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Married dating is not the best thing you can do or try in your life. One of you is a cheater and another one is a sort of provocation. If you both are married to other people, you are both dishonest and cheating on people who cannot dare to divorce.

If you are not happy in your marriages, there is one good thing called divorce. Why not do it then before starting any new affairs? If you still think of dating while being married, you should use the following tips.

Date your spouse

Before thinking of cheating on your spouse because you lack something in your relationship, just assume that you can date your spouse. If you think you do not love each other anymore or there is no sparkle between you, you should first try to change it.

There are ways to change the situation and look at your spouse from another angle. Why don’t you ask your spouse for a date? Make a surprise, let it be spontaneous. Maybe your partner lacks it, too. If you are not happy with your intimate life, you can always improve it.

After all, schedule an appointment with a family counselor and find ways to improve the situation. If you have married this person, you have your reasons for it. Think well about what has changed since then. Ask for advice, go on dates, change the surroundings after all. First, do everything to bring your attitude and feelings to your spouse back and only then think of other affairs.

Think of divorce

If everything is so bad and nothing can be changed already, you should think of having a divorce first. Cannot divorce? Then ask yourself why. Maybe you still love your spouse. A divorce is the only fair and honest way to end your relationship and start a new one.

If you don’t want to hide all the time and are afraid that people will find out about you dating another person, maybe you should divorce and solve that problem. People have different reasons for not divorcing. For example, you have no relationship anymore, sleep in different rooms, or even each of you has his and her life already but you cannot divorce due to common business, finances, or have certain agreements, this is one thing. No one is cheating because you both agreed about it and are together only on paper.

However, if only you think your family life has ended and your spouse doesn’t give a clue, then probably, you should find strength and let your partner know you don’t love him or her anymore and want to divorce. If you don’t want a divorce still, then you may have feelings and before doing something you might regret in the future, try to decide everything with yourself.

Remember that married people lie

Married dating is full of pitfalls. One of the worst things is that you may not even know you are involved in it because your date didn’t even mention being married. Yes, people do lie and if dating a married person wasn’t your goal, you should pay attention to red flags. Be careful with your new crushes and don’t think if someone doesn’t wear a wedding ring, this person cannot be married.

Some married people love lying about their family status and pretend to be single to have new affairs. Someone lives a double life and manages to have two families at a time. Others confess being married but ensure their family life is over and they are going to divorce soon. To your biggest surprise, it never happens and their spouses do not even guess their life is over. Such people are potential liars and they cheat everyone — not only their spouses but their new dates as well.

The only thing you can do here is to never lose your common sense. If someone tells you his or her family life is over, try to verify it by all means. You don’t want to waste your life on empty promises and someone who is never going to marry you, do you?

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