The pros and cons of an interracial marriage

Can you imagine that the first interracial marriage on the territory of the modern US was contracted in 1614? It was a marriage of tobacco planter John Rolfe and a woman everyone knows as Pocahontas. Yes, this Indian princess existed not only in Western movies and cartoons but was the first woman in the US to have interracial marriage.

Thus, if you wonder whether an interracial marriage is legal, the answer is yes and it was legalized many years ago. Nowadays, you won’t be surprised by seeing an interracial couple while they can be met in any country in the world. Interracial marriages are wonderful intercultural unions but here, a question arises: are interracial marriages a blessing or a challenge?

There are many benefits of having an interracial marriage. There is nothing extraordinary in such couples anymore and nowadays, people strive for creating interracial marriages. There are a lot of advantages to such a relationship.

First of all, your family is very rich spiritually. Interracial couples usually have relatives from different countries, speak different languages, and have many traditions. They, as well as their children, follow these traditions. Such families have very interesting and rich cultures and customs and always travel to each other’s relatives for holidays.

Moreover, children in such marriages are very intelligent and beautiful due to the mixture of blood. They acquire all the best qualities and speak several languages right from their childhood. This is wonderful.

However, it is not as hassle-free as it may seem at the very beginning and many interracial marriages experience a range of challenges. Before you enter into such a marriage, you should know about all the possible challenges you will need to overcome.

Long distance

interracial marriage in the us

If your interracial marriage is contracted with you and a woman from another country, the distance will be an inevitable part of your relationship. If you initially met in different countries, none of you will move to another country at the very beginning. It means that you both need to travel back and forth to meet each other and communicate on distance.

At first, that may seem very romantic. However, dating on distance is very difficult and hard for both. A long-distant relationship is a part of any interracial marriage; if you and your partner struggle with it, you should be very patient to overcome it.

It is difficult to get used to it during the first six months, however, after it, everything should become much better. You will make serious decisions about who will move where and eventually, it all will end and your family will live together in one of the countries. Patience and mutual understanding are the only things you need in that situation.

Cultural and language barriers

Yes, it is really exciting to have different cultures and enjoy this variety of customs and emotions. However, the same differences may play bad jokes on you. If your language is not native to your spouse and she learned it only after getting to know you, communication difficulties are inevitable.

Of course, those who truly love each other may communicate without any language and understand each other without words. However, there are so many little things in languages that may bring misunderstanding into your life. Even a simple compliment in your language may be considered rudeness or disrespectful in her language.

You can use the same recommendations as in the previous situation — only be patient towards each other. With time, you both will learn these peculiarities and get used to them. The same concerns culture. People of different races come from different countries and have different cultural peculiarities.

You may have different attitudes and opinions on the same situations but you should not be mad because of it. The only thing you can do is to respect each other’s culture and traditions and be understanding of each other. Time heals everything and sooner or later, you will get used to such things and will both laugh at them and tell your kids about them with pleasure.


interracial marriage legalized

It is very good if your interracial marriage was contracted in the US where you both lived previously. However, if your spouse is not from your country and she was the one who had to move to you, you must be very understanding and patient with her. During the first year of marriage, it may be difficult for her. However, do not forget that she might not be able to work at once in your country due to lawful restrictions.

As a rule, people become homesick in a year after living in a foreign country. Your spouse might be crying and even asking you to send her back home to her family and friends. You should not despair, this is a normal situation for everyone who moved abroad.

Instead of having conflicts and depressions, you should do everything for your wife to feel like at home. If she cannot work for a long time, try to find her some hobbies and things to do. It would be good to find some friends near you from her native country. You may have such people living nearby, especially, if you live in a multinational country.

Your spouse should not feel lonely while you are at work every day. She should communicate with other people, attend the gym, and have lots of hobbies. Let her do something she enjoys instead of spending days and nights at home alone. You, as a loving husband, should arrange video calls with her family, so she would feel more convenient.


Another challenge for interracial married couples is the disapproval of their families, friends, and society. If your family is against your partner, it is only up to you whether to listen to them or not, if you really love your spouse, your family must understand and accept it. However, if you are very dependent on the opinion of your family, you should not go against their will probably. Your life with your partner will never be happy in such an unhealthy situation.

Even though you live in an unbiased world and society got used to interracial marriages a long time ago, some people still consider it to be their business to ask various silly questions. You will always hear such questions as «Why did you choose a partner of that race?» or «Don’t your kids have problems at school because their parents are so different?» and other really ridiculous things.

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to get rid of those people and their empty questions. You both should learn not to pay attention and simply ignore them. You cannot allow wasting your nerves on someone who is not too smart asking such things and judging others.

Having difficulties with your families is a bit more complicated. You should not argue and fight with them. If you really love your partner of another race, it’s necessary to reach agreement and peace in your families somehow. You have a whole life in the future and cannot afford to fight during it.

How to find a partner for an interracial marriage

loving interracial marriage

If you have read all these challenges and still are not scared of interracial marriage, you may want to look for your partner the soonest. The best way is to meet your future spouse in your country. Nowadays, almost any country can be called multinational and it’s possible to meet a partner of any race in any country.

However, if you were not very lucky with it, you can try and meet her elsewhere, for example, on vacations or during your business trip. If you are not lucky with that even, you can easily join any of the dating sites for interracial couples and find a great woman for marriage.

There are tons of dating sites online and you can choose any of them for your search. If you want to have your interracial marriage the soonest, it’s better to pick your site carefully. Check their reputation and reviews to make sure you are not dealing with scammers.

Interracial marriage can be very interesting but tough at the same time. Such marriages are often related to a range of problems and challenges like any other relationship. If you are two loving partners though, it will take you nothing to overcome them and be happy in your first interracial marriage.  This is what you must be prepared for.

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