Matchmaking services: why you should try

Matchmaking is a great way of meeting someone, although pretty costly. The best matchmaking services do everything to save your time and prevent you from failure. They create all the conditions for you to find your proper match.

If you have never used professional matchmaking services, you may be interested to know what they are, their benefits and drawbacks, and their cost. Find out everything about matchmaking in the guide below.

Matchmaking services definition

Professional matchmaking services are provided by the sites or individuals and suppose a personalized selection of matches for every candidate. You cannot compare matchmaking to online dating because they are totally different forms of services.

Executive matchmaking services provide coaching and guidance to each of the candidates. If you have difficulties with communication with women, you will be taught how to speak to women and behave on dates to succeed.

A personalized approach and a 100% result are two main benefits of matchmaking services. However, everything is not that easy and it is necessary to learn more to understand whether they are good for you or not.

Are there any free matchmaking services?

best matchmaking services

We will disappoint you right now but no, there are no free matchmaking services. Matchmaking is not charity but hard work and no one will work for your benefit for free. We bet you would not start working to match people for free also.

Too much work and many people are involved in the process. Elite matchmaking services often include consultations of life coaches and psychologists. You can imagine such specialists are not free and not even cheap.

Matchmaking services are personalized and individual and your coach spends a lot of time and energy to find a match for you, so these efforts and time must be paid well. If you want to use a matchmaker’s help, do not hope to get it for free and get ready to pay a significant amount depending on the location of your elite matchmaking services.

Why some matchmakers want you to be single

Good and trustworthy matchmakers always do their best for you to find your match the soonest. They do a very good job and put in all their effort for your happiness and success. Of course, their services are not cheap but the result is worth its money.

However, you may come across many elite matchmaking services that promise you a thorough process and the best results. As a rule, their packages are limited and valid for a certain period of time. Such packages are quite expensive and once you use one and the desired result isn’t reached, you will need to purchase another one.

Keep in mind that some matchmakers may delay the process on purpose for you to pay more. Thus, it is recommended to research the service you are going to use. Pick only those matchmakers who helped people, check the reviews, or use a matchmaking service recommended by your friends who found their matches thanks to it. Only this way, your search will be efficient and the money you spend will be worthy of the results.

The benefits of matchmaking services

professional matchmaking services

Professional matchmaking services seem to have a whole range of advantages compared to online dating sites. It is really so while online dating can be insecure and the results cannot be guaranteed. Some people spend months or years on dating sites without any success and only then they start thinking of using personal matchmaking services.

For you not to waste your time, you can check these pros of executive matchmaking services and see whether you might need to apply for such kind of assistance in search of your life partner. Weigh all the pros and cons before using matchmaking services because it requires your participation and some commitment.

Personal coaching and consultations

The best thing about professional matchmaking services is their individual approach to each customer. You will not be one of many but the only one they work with. You will have personal consultations and coaching sessions.

At first, a matchmaker interviews you to find out your background, the reasons for your previous breakups, and why you failed in your previous relationships. The matchmaker must figure out your expectations of a partner and if they are not realistic and you do not agree to change them, he or she might be rejected because they won’t be able to help.

Coaching and psychologist’s consultations will help you realize your mistakes in communicating with women and improve your communication skills. Sometimes, such lessons are necessary to realize that your image of a perfect partner is wrong and you should start changing it and looking for an absolutely different person.

Excellent results

When joining a dating site, you are left face to face with your problems and never know what happens eventually. You may communicate with a woman for one year and find out she is a scammer or not meet her because something goes wrong. In matchmaking, you can be sure of a 100% result.

All candidates are verified and your executive matchmaking service guarantees that all of them are interested in real meetings. You will have real dates with all the candidates and you may not even doubt unless you do not want to meet them.

A guarantee of meeting only serious women is a great motivation for hiring a matchmaker. In most cases, female candidates also pay for their membership, unlike on dating sites, and are interested in meeting a man for serious relationships. They happily go for dates and discuss plans for the future.

The result is great not only because the girls you meet are serious. Before your dates, you get many coaching sessions and know how to communicate with a particular girl. Your matchmaker tells you a lot about every candidate and when having your dates, you know what these girls like or what they don’t and approximately realize how to act on every date.

It is time-saving

Online dating supposes you to spend a vast amount of time on a dating site, browsing thousands of profiles, and answering tons of messages. Matchmaking services eliminate all that and after spending a couple of hours on your interviews, you can relax and get profiles of proper candidates and study them.

Of course, your presence is necessary because you need to be ready to communicate with a psychologist and coach but still, this time is not wasted but very efficient. After you do that, you go on real dates or get contacts of the best matches.

Matchmaking services drawbacks

elite matchmaking services

Apart from a wide range of benefits, even the best matchmaking services have their downsides. However, they are not that significant and if you weigh the pros and cons, you will definitely find more benefits for you.

Even if we are sure you would choose matchmaking instead of online dating, you need to know what kind of drawbacks and pitfalls are waiting for you when you pick elite matchmaking services to find your partner.

It is very expensive

As you have already understood, if someone tells you about free matchmaking services, run away because this is a fairytale. A matchmaking team includes many professionals who work for you and they will never do it for free. You should agree that any work should be paid well.

Depending on the location of your matchmaking provider, you will find some different prices. Of course, elite matchmaking services in the USA and the UK are much more expensive than those in other countries.

If you want to find a woman not in your country, then you can apply for professional matchmaking services connecting American men and foreign women. Thus, there are a lot of international matchmakers offering serious Slavic women as matches. Their costs are much lower.

It doesn’t guarantee a marriage

Even though personal matchmaking services guarantee a 100% result, they do not guarantee marriages. Do not be scared now because it is natural. If someone promises you will marry in a year or two years, you should run away from this matchmaker.

Marriage is an individual thing and it doesn’t depend on your matchmaker. It depends on many factors and first of all, on you and your partner. Promising that two people will make this step is useless and absolutely impossible.

It won’t work out if you don’t follow the matchmaker’s advice

Hiring a professional matchmaking service is a serious step and it requires a lot of patience from you. If you decided to hire such a specialist, it’s not because you are successful with girls and can find a partner yourself. It’s because you have difficulties with it and need some help.

Paying for matchmaking services means listening to every piece of advice and guidance. If your coach tells you are behaving wrong and that’s the reason for your failures, you should hear that and improve your behavior. If you do whatever you want after coaching, you will hardly reach success.

Why did you spend such an amount for his or her help then? Remember that professional matchmaking services suppose you to follow their advice and guidance. If you are not ready and think you know better, then you should not start it at all.

After you did what you wanted, matchmaking services do not accept any claims so you may consider you paid for nothing. Readiness to follow all the guidelines is a must when working with personal matchmaking services.

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