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There are so many people in the world, but we need only one person to become genuinely happy…Do you know this saying? Indeed, people are happy when they find their significant other, a partner who selflessly cares about them, loves them and requires nothing in return. While such things may sound too romantic, and, thus, hard or even impossible to obtain, it is possible to easily find one’s true love. Where and how? On dedicated dating services!

What is online dating about?

The development of Internet technologies granted us new opportunities. We can do everything online, from working to ordering gifts even if a recipient lives on another continent. Likewise, we can get acquainted with other people not leaving our homes. It is very convenient, time- and money-saving, and believe it or not, couples who have met each other in cyberspace, divorce less often than their real-life mates. Let’s figure out why it happens so.

Virtual reality: pros and possible cons

Sofia Date

Despite the fact that statistics claim that making acquaintances online is a powerful experience, any phenomenon had its advocates and haters. But it’s always useful to consider the opposite points of view to form an unbiased opinion. Onward!

Pros of dating in virtual reality:

  • If you are a newbie, no need to be afraid that you will be mocked at or considered a loser since 40% of Americans have tried online dating. The stigma to online dating is gone, so fears away!
  • The search for your perfect online matches is performed on the basis of your preferences and compatibility with potential candidates. No blind dates anymore.
  • Your search circle drastically increases. The point is that on dating platforms, you can meet people from other countries or even continents you would have never met otherwise. And also, if you live in a remote area, the Internet offers you many solutions to fight loneliness.
  • In the digital era, one out of five successful relationships are born online. What does it mean for you? That you have a wonderful chance to meet your sweetheart online! Why waste such an opportunity?

Debunking the cons of online dating with Sofia Date

As it has been mentioned, the idea of virtual dating has also its opponents. Let’s find out what the disadvantages are and how Sofia Date guarantees your success.

Too many potential matches

One of the most controversial points about dating sites and apps is the immense variety of choice. Digital space is so overcrowded that one may simply get lost or even mad browsing all those profiles. Moreover, some people get so fascinated by the process that they can’t decide which site to choose, register on many of them, and then just cannot stop writing to beautiful members of a definite community.

A way out: be reasonable and know your goals

You see, when you distinctly know what you are looking for, you will never get lost. Hence, if you are a family-oriented man who is looking for a devoted and caring woman, choose Sofia Date. All the Slavic ladies registered here are also family-driven, and they are known as the most successful wives, mothers, and even businesswomen. What is more, they are great at combining incompatible things and succeeding in them!

Next, to simplify your search, Sofia Date has implemented an advanced search and matching system. Just mention all your preferences, and the engine will show you all the potential matches. Keep in mind that you can put in a whole set of desirable characteristics, and the whole searching process will last less than a minute! This way, you won’t drown in the sea of mesmerizing Slavic beauties.

As for messaging many participants, it is also recommended to remain cool-headed. Focus on several women you find appealing and start communicating with them. In a relationship with a Slavic lady quality matters more than quantity. Any woman wants to feel unique, so you should concentrate on less ladies and show them they mean a lot to you. Of course, in the process of getting to know each other, you will fall for a definite woman, but at first try to message several most compatible matches.

Online daters tend to lie in their profiles


Though it is really easier to deceive somebody online, real-format daters also lie. The point is that if we want our partner to find us more appealing, we can really exaggerate or lie about some facts. Male online users typically lie about income, age, and height while females lie about age, physical shapes, and weight.

However, dating on Sofia Date, you can rest assured that you are talking to trustworthy interlocutors. Here comes the list of reasons why:

  • First if all, only women with serious intentions register on this platform. Keep in mind that for the ladies, a registration process is rather effort- and time-consuming. They have to fill in many papers, provide their documents, and prove their intentions. Manual females’ profiles’ verification is a must, which means you are communicating with real beauties only.
  • Secondly, Slavic women have no time for pretending and lying. They join Sofia Date with the aim of finding a soulmate, and for them, no genuine relationship can be based on deception.
  • To make sure that your lady looks the same beautiful in real life as in her profile pictures, you have access to a vast number of everyday shots. What is more, there is even a video show presenting your lady in real life. You can watch one video per day for free!
  • Last but not least, Slavic ladies are devoted and trustworthy by nature. They won’t deceive you merely because they don’t want to be fooled themselves.

Cyber dating lacks physical interaction

This is considered another weak point of dating in virtual space. Yes, it’s true that at first, you can’t see your match in reality, touch them, etc. Yet, let us draw your attention to the fact that online dating gives you more chances to learn a person’s soul better through the process of gradually discovering each other. As they say, it’s possible to fall in love with one’s soul and then go crazy when touching the body of the beloved soul.

Indeed, this may be one of the reasons why couples that have been created online are much stronger than those who have dated traditionally. On Sofia Date, you can communicate with a Slavic belle as long as you need, which will let you decide whether you want to move on with a definite lady. Also, do not forget that you can surprise your distant interlocutor by sending her real gifts. Just choose a present you want from their abundant catalog, and the gift will be delivered to the recipient!

Finally, when you both feel that you like and trust each other, you can make a lady’s contact details’ request and even set up a meeting in reality. The latter implies that you will go to see your woman in her country if she approves of your meeting request. Yeah, online dating may be tough but it’s very romantic! And by the way, there are no obstacles to real feelings especially if your beloved woman is a Slav.

Who can register on Sofia Date?


Any person who is 18 and over can join the site. To start, you don’t need much. Just provide some essential details like your name, contact email, date of birth, and who you are looking for. The process is free and very straightforward, which makes the site a great venue even for busy individuals or seniors new to the online dating sphere.

What’s the next step?

 Well, right upon registration, you can browse myriads of wonderful Eastern European women. To get free credits, you should confirm the link in a confirmation letter you find in your inbox, and if you thoroughly complete your profile you get even more bonus credits. It’s very convenient since you can try how the site functions without investing a penny into it!

So, like other reliable services, Sofia Date functions on the basis of a credit system that is very lucid. To be on the safe side, you can always check the fees in their Terms and Conditions. Also, if you have any questions or suggestions on what you would like to improve regarding the site’s services, the Sofia Date Support Team is always happy to help you and listen to your offers. They are available 24/7.

Therefore, as you can see, finding a crush online has never been easier. Just know your goal, register on Sofia Date, set your preferences and off you go! Send your favorite ladies messages, letters, video and audio files, enjoy their professional and casual shots, make gifts, and get prepared for an unforgettable meeting with your stunning lady in reality. Just remember that in order to succeed with a Ukrainian or Russian lady, you have to be a gentleman — tender, caring, loving but reliable and masculine at the same time. Good luck!

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