Dating psychology: what you must know

Psychology, in general, is complicated and interesting. The psychology of dating is even more complicated and evokes the interest of many people. It is necessary to admit that everyone should have at least basic knowledge of dating psychology. It would help many people and couples avoid wide-spread mistakes and bad experiences in relationships.

Psychology and dating are two very close notions and you must know more about them both if you want to have healthy and strong partnership relationships. Find out more about the psychology of dating and have some knowledge on dating and online dating to avoid possible troubles in your relationships.

Psychology of online dating

Let’s try to cover online dating psychology first. This way of dating is very popular nowadays and lots of people have a wrong attitude to it. For that reason, they fail. If you don’t want to fail in online dating, you should be prepared for it, know some tricks, and be aware of all possible challenges to overcome.

Below, you will find the basics of the psychology of online dating. See whether you have already faced some of the issues and if not, learn how to solve them when facing them.

Psychology of buying a partner  

dating psychology

Mail-order brides’ sites are very wide-spread online. Men from all over the world pursue beautiful brides from different countries. Unfortunately, the psychology of online dating is that men believe they pay for the membership, thus, they can have any bride. Unfortunately, you cannot.

You should forget about buying a woman online. Believe us, she doesn’t care whether you paid for your membership or not, she doesn’t even care how much you pay for your search on a dating site. Women are looking for their life partners and they have some requirements for their online dating search.

They are not searching for someone ready to pay for the services of a dating site but for a man to spend their life with. Thus, your arguments that you paid for your communication with her, and that’s why you cannot be rejected are nothing. Remember that no one owes you anything and the fact you paid for your search doesn’t oblige her not to reject you.

Unfortunately, most men do have such a consuming attitude to dating online. They believe that their payments oblige women and prevent them from being rejected. Forget about that psychology and start approaching online dating just like a real-life relationship.

Eagerness to date

You should realize another perspective of online dating. When you are eager to date, women understand and see it very quickly. Unfortunately, they do not perceive you as a serious man because of that but lose respect towards you.

The problem is ladies prefer very confident guys and when they see you do not have anyone to date, they believe you are hopeless. A hopeless man can arise only such feelings as disgust or pity. None of these feelings can be a good ground for your relationships.

If you don’t want women to communicate with you because of feeling sorry for you, never show you are eager to date. Another problem is that such guys scare many girls. When a woman sees a hopeless guy, she doesn’t want to deal with him and prefers to escape. The third scenario is also possible — when women see you have no choice and are ready to date anyone, they start abusing it.

Yes, unfortunately, when a girl knows you want her so badly, she supposes you will do everything to date her. And she is right. Not to lose the only dating option, you are ready to send her money, gifts, and complete all of her wishes. You hope this will help you get her, however, it won’t. Such women use desperate guys and never start dating them. Do not waste your time, money, and nerves.

Foreigners’ dating psychology

The most frequent customers on online dating sites are men from the USA, Australia, and Europe. These countries are well-developed and often, women in these countries are more demanding than in other parts of the world. Subconsciously, reading lots of myths about Slavic or Latin American women, gentlemen believe that ladies from other countries are less demanding and ready to marry them just because they are foreign grooms.

Such psychology of dating appears to be wrong a priori. Women in all the countries have the same requirements for men and your origin doesn’t make any difference. The fact that you are an American or British doesn’t guarantee you a wife, keep that in mind. Women do not really care where you come from and have the same expectations in any corner of the world.

Young girls are not ready to date old Americans

online dating psychology

This is another aspect of the dating psychology of Americans. For some reason, they believe that young and beautiful girls are going to date them even if they are forty years younger. Young foreign women do not date much older men even if you come from the United States. This is a sort of a myth and the way of thinking of all foreign guys.

Just think — when you are in your sixties or seventies, do you date 20 and 30-years old girls in your country? Why do you think then the situation online should be different? Forget about that online dating psychology and find your common sense. If you get attention from much younger women, they want something from you and this something isn’t dating for sure.

Unfortunately, most men are not realistic when it comes to online dating and they forget about all the rules of life as if women on dating sites were different. No, they are not. They don’t date old men because they fall in love with them at first sight or letter, they want your money and such a scene rarely ends with dating at all.

What is reverse psychology in dating?

Reverse psychology is a sort of mind game. It is very helpful in reaching your goals but it is also a sort of manipulation, so be careful with it. Thanks to dating reverse psychology, you can easily tailor your relationship as you want. Here are a couple of tips and examples of reverse methods in dating:

  • If you want to get compliments, complain. Complaining, in general, is not good for healthy relationships. However, this is different. For example, you can tell a woman you are fat or that your ex considered you not hardworking. To calm you down, your lady will give you compliments. She will disprove your statements and tell you are very fit and very diligent and hardworking. This is how it works. If you want to hear compliments on your haircut, complain about it being messy, etc.
  • If you want attention, be elusive. Yes, you might be eager to date and everything about your actions tells about it. However, don’t reveal all the gems at once. Keep a bit of intrigue if you want women to pursue you. When you are a little mysterious, they are interested in getting to know you. Vice versa, when you are too much into dating, they lose their interest. Do not rush to reply to messages at once, keep the pause and wait. Don’t call her right after your date. It will make her call you first.
  • Give your partner some personal space. Nothing will happen if you are not aware of each move of your partner. You both must have some personal space and time for enjoying your own self. Don’t limit her space and don’t let her limit yours. When people spend some time without each other, they don’t lose interest and everything works quite the opposite. You manage to miss each other and spice up your feelings.
  • Don’t sacrifice your needs. People often sacrifice their own needs, time, and feelings for the sake of others. Please realize that sooner or later, your sacrifices will stop being appreciated. It will be just taken for granted. You will see that all your efforts were for nothing. Stop doing it and find some time for yourself. Find hobbies and do something to please you. Your partner will see your ambitions and when you are happy and self-sufficient, your crush is also happy. Such a partner is always welcomed and valued.

Do not start relationships without understanding dating psychology

Modern people are too busy to pay attention to the feelings and emotions of each other. They act according to some schemes. This is a crucial mistake and you should not make it. Try to realize the needs of your partner and learn dating psychology at least on the basic level.

Some people are also very good psychologists and manipulators. If you don’t want to be manipulated or ghosted, you should be an emotionally stable person who understands well people and relationships. Don’t let yourself be trapped and don’t be too suspicious. All people are different and need different approaches.

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