Can you meet your love through a dating agency?

Have you ever thought of subscribing with a dating agency to find your life partner? If not, then maybe it’s time to think of it. A professional dating agency can help you in your search and facilitate the process.

However, there are multiple agencies for dating all over the Internet. You may get lost and have no idea which one to choose and how to make the right choice at all. This complete guide on online dating agencies will help you realize how to pick your helper and succeed.

What is a Russian dating agency

Once you search for a dating agency online, you will get hundreds of results. There are many agencies offering their services and it is difficult to understand how to choose among them all. Let’s try to determine what a Russian dating agency is.

First of all, there are many online dating sites presenting themselves as dating agencies that connect western men and Russian women. Apart from them, there are thousands of local dating agencies in Ukraine and Russia that do not have their sites online but offer the same services locally.

Which one to choose is up to you. However, if you do not plan to come to Russia or Ukraine sometime soon, you should consider looking for your lady on one of the online dating agencies first.

The pros and cons of professional dating agencies

agency dating

If you have already tried one or several dating agencies, you know approximately how they work and what to do. There are different services and all of them have their rules and terms and conditions. Some have a pay-per-letter system only, others have webcam chats, gift delivery, arrangements of meetings, etc.

The services provided are to some extent similar, the prices are also more or less equal for similar services. There are many benefits and drawbacks of such professional dating agencies, so let’s see what their benefits are first.


  1. A large catalogue of beautiful women gathered in one place. Ukrainian dating agencies have so many females on their site looking for their western better halves. You do not need to look elsewhere but can simply browse one page after another. It’s possible to apply any criteria to your search such as age, education, marital status, kids, religion, etc.
  2. Translation services. If your girl doesn’t speak English, her letters are translated by a professional translator. When speaking in a video chat, you have the same service provided for free. You do not pay for translation additionally, everything is included in your package fee.
  3. Gifts delivery. One of the best features all professional dating agencies provide is gifts delivery. The catalogues of gifts are amazing. You can send anything to a woman you want to surprise — from flowers to perfume or laptop depending on your relationship and how much you care for your woman.
  4. Arrangement of meetings. Once you decide to meet in person, you can rely on your dating agency and let them take care of everything. Your hotel, transfer, restaurant, flowers for your dates, and anything you wish can be arranged by the agency and all you need to do is to enjoy your date with a beautiful girl.
  5. Contacts exchange. Different online dating agencies have different policies on contact exchange but as a rule, it is forbidden until you both agree to do it. Some agencies take an additional fee for exchanging contacts, others allow doing it after a certain number of letters or chats. Check their terms and conditions beforehand.


  1. Scam. Unfortunately, many sites do not control their members and you never know if a girl you talk to is a scammer or not. We recommend picking a reputable Russian dating agency not to be scammed. You should also pay attention to various red flags about which you will learn below.
  2. Prices. If you choose a paid dating agency, get ready to spend some money before you meet your only one. If you plan to come and meet your woman in person, you will need to travel half of the world. As you can understand, it will not be cheap although worth it.

How to choose a good professional dating agency

professional dating agency

Picking the right service is crucial for your success. If you join a scam dating agency, you waste your time, money, and lots of nerves. Your feelings are involved and you cannot have an irresistible attitude to it.

To subscribe with a really good agency, you should not make spontaneous decisions and weigh all the pros and cons before spending money. Here are a couple of good tips on how to succeed with a Ukrainian dating agency and not to be disappointed.

Check reviews and testimonials

You can see hundreds of offers online and you should not register on the first dating agency you see. Is there a dating agency near me? This is one of the most frequent requests online. However, you should not look for locations but quality. With modern means of communication and Internet technologies, it won’t be difficult to search online.

Before trying, do your research and check what other users say about that dating agency. If you see no reviews but the agency is claimed to be created many years ago, you should think whether it’s true. Most likely, it is a very new agency and maybe you should not use it until it gains its reputation.

There are many sites where users can leave their reviews and happy customers do it with pleasure as well as those who are not satisfied with the quality provided. If you see many positive reviews and some negative or neutral ones, it’s absolutely normal and you can use this dating agency. They cannot satisfy everyone and there is no tragedy when someone’s experience wasn’t that good.

You may also check testimonials on their site. When you see many couples created with the help of that online dating agency, you can also join without any doubts.

Check how responsive customer support is

Customer support is a business card of any service. If it is responsive and helpful, then you can at least be sure of being heard when having issues or troubles. If customer support doesn’t reply at all, then ask yourself what happens when you really need help or have issues with one of the ladies or payments.

If you want to be sure of your problems to be solved, check customer support before starting communication on the site and spending your money. Otherwise, your experience with that dating agency may not be the best.

Free dating agencies

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If you wonder whether there are free dating agencies, the answer is yes. There are many of them online and you can try and even download some free apps. There is nothing wrong in using free dating services and it doesn’t cost you almost anything.

The only thing you should remember is that such dating agencies do not bear any responsibility for their services and members. There are tons of fake profiles and you never know who you communicate with. The person behind those pictures may not be real or the one who you think.

Be careful with such dating agencies if you are not looking for fun but for something serious, it would be better to consider a more reputable service maybe.

Online dating agency scam

Unfortunately, you could read and hear a lot of scary stories about Russian dating agency scams. There are hundreds of scammers online and you should be really careful when using your dating agency.

Avoiding scam is easy if you pay attention to red flags. Here are a couple of tips on how to spot and avoid a dating agency scam:

  • do not communicate via letters endlessly but ask a girl for a webcam chat, if she has tons of excuses not to do this, it is obvious she is not real;
  • don’t believe when your woman doesn’t want to exchange contacts because she doesn’t have internet, smartphone, or laptop — all modern women have it, they do not live in caves;
  • never agree to meet someone you have never seen on video and heard her voice in chat, otherwise, you may come miles and stay alone in the hotel room;
  • never send money to women you have never met in person (even if she needs it for her passport, visa, and tickets to come and see you — she will never come after getting your money);
  • do not believe all the sad and heartbreaking stories a woman might tell you — her granny is in hospital, her cat is sick, she was robbed today, or her washing machine is broken and she needs to wash everything with her hands, etc. — this is just an attempt to make you feel sorry and help her financially.

There are many things that may make you cautious, you should just learn to notice them. Do not he blinded by her love letters, sincerity, and beauty. Remember that serious Russian and Ukrainian women never confess about their feelings in letters, only scammers do. Serious women understand it is impossible to fall in love through letters and prefer meeting you in person first.

When using any Russian or Ukrainian dating agency, do not lose your common sense and always listen to your intuition if something tells you are being scammed. If you don’t let them scam you, they won’t be able to do it! Your safety is only in your hands.

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