Dating Slavic women: your ultimate guide

All men around the world know that Slavic women are stunning! Their beauty stands out among other nationalities. It’s not simply about their facial features. These girls always look after themselves and dress to impress. It makes them a perfect combination of beauty, good grooming and a special sense of style. At the same time, their looks are not the only aspect that makes every man fall in love with them. It’s also about their personalities and how they treat their family, friends and children. 

Coming from a harsh climate, Slavic ladies are raised with an aspiration to look out for their beloved ones. Cooking dinners, raising kids with love and care, being there for their husbands are the fantastic traits of Slavic women that make them so special. If you are still trying to figure out whether dating a Slav would be right for you, let’s dive deeper into their background and characteristics. We are also going to spill a secret where to look for them!

Who are Slavic women

slavic women dating

If you want to become one of the lucky men and start dating Slavic women, it is important that you know where they are coming from, how they see life and relationships. The Slavs are a group of nationalities which reside in the Eastern Europe. The countries which fall under the Slavic category are Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Poland. These are neighbouring countries and, as a result, ladies that live there share similar characteristics. 

Therefore, if you meet girls from these countries, they are going to have related physical appearance features and personality traits. Traditional Slavic women have humble personalities, they are kind and welcoming. As for their looks, they have strong facial attributes and slim figures. Normally, the hair and eye colour would depend on the region. For instance, Russians are usually blondes with light coloured eyes, and girls from Ukraine tend to have darker hair, olive skin and dark brown or green eyes.

Personality and character

Whilst the appearance of Slavic women might be different, their general personality traits are very much alike. They are raised by their mothers with a universal goal, which is to be great wives and caregivers to their children. That is why, when you meet a Slav, she is going to give you this homey feeling, which you can never experience with Western European girls. 

All beautiful Slavic women will keep their house clean and tidy at all times. Cleanness is highly important in Easter European culture. These people love to keep their house in order as they are always expecting some guests. Slavic women are very welcoming and are great hosts. If you marry one of them, she is always going to gladly meet and take care of your friends and family when they are coming over to your house. 

Expect five course meals to be cooked each time someone is coming to see you! Despite the fact that Eastern European girls are very traditional and reserved, they have a special magnetism in their personality, which men notice straight away and fall in love with. They are very open-minded and would gladly support their husbands in any adventures, whether it’s moving to a different country or making a spontaneous trip. She will always be there by your side!

What is it like to date them

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If we have already made you dream about dating hot Slavic women, you need to understand what it is like to be in a relationship with one before you book your tickets to Ukraine. First of all, anyone who wants to date a Slav, needs to acknowledge that they are very traditional and are proud of that. These people just love sticking to traditions. It does not necessarily mean that they can only respect their culture and are going to make you adapt their heritage. 

Historically, their geographical areas have been filled with different nationalities, which makes Slavic women respect and adapt to other cultures. If you find your Russian soulmate to marry, rest assured that she will easily appropriate your traditions and become part of your family. Another great benefit of dating a Slav is that they are very hospitable. They always ensure everyone feels comfortable and like at home, whenever someone comes to visit them at home. 

Their mothers teach them how to cook from a very young age, therefore, by the time they are ready to get married they become excellent chefs. Finally, these girls are very loving and forgiving. Family and love are everything to her, so she will always give another chance and try to fix the relationships. Slavs are real keepers! Of course, there are more amazing attributes that these women possess. The rest you will need to figure out yourself!

Tips for dating Slavic women

When you meet an Easter European girl for the first time, she might appear cold and distant. But that’s only because she needs a bit of time to get to know you and start trusting you. It takes time to melt their hearts, but it’s definitely worth the effort. In order to make your dating Slavic women easier, we have gathered valuable tips for winning them over. Read them carefully since the Slavs differ from other nationalities and require special care when it comes to relationships.

Bring flowers to your dates

Flowers play a very important role in building a relationship with any beautiful Slavic woman. In the majority of other cultures, getting flowers for your date will be considered a nice gesture, however, not compulsory at all. The picture is completely different when you are dating a woman from Eastern Europe. These ladies consider flowers to be synonyms for love and affection. Words are not enough, you need to have some physical proof of your feelings towards her. And flowers do their job perfectly!

There is no need to buy a bouquet every single time you meet her, but getting a beautiful set of flowers for special occasions or romantic dates would surely make her happier. Another Slavic tradition to keep in mind is that the number of flowers in a bouquet must be odd, so you can stick to 11, 21, 35. Because in these countries, an even number of flowers are normally brought to funerals, and you do not want to make the wrong impression on your beautiful Slavic date.

Be generous in compliments

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These ladies are truly beautiful and you need to make sure you tell them about that! Be generous with your compliments. Telling a Slavic woman that she looks stunning on your romantic date is a must. She probably had spent hours preparing her best outfits, doing her make-up and hair, therefore, you must confirm your admiration. However, complimenting her cooking skills is what is going to make her heart melt! So, if she is preparing a dinner or has invited you to try out her traditional cuisine, make sure to say how good of a chef she is. She will love it and pay you with gratitude and respect.

You need to be the boss of the relationship

Even the most beautiful Slavic women are shy during the first periods of a relationship. They believe it’s a man’s job to be in charge and to initiate dates, communication and so on. Do not wait for her to make the first step and ask you out because in the Slavic culture, girls are not supposed to do that. They are raised with an idea that a woman is only valuable and respected when she is a little out of reach. By being unapproachable at first, she can ensure that her date has serious intentions and be confident about his feelings towards her.

Where to find your ideal Slavic woman

The first thing that might come to mind is that you need to book a ticket to travel to one of the Eastern European countries. It might be a good idea to do so if you want to find very traditional Slavic women for marriage. Another option is to meet them at one of the world’s popular tourist destinations. Slavs love to travel and explore other countries, so there are a lot of them moving around the world. However, given the current circumstances of restricted travel and COVID-19 pandemic, the ultimate solution would be to browse on Slavic women dating apps and websites. 

The Slavs are very communicative, they love talking to new people and, therefore, actively join matchmaking solutions hoping to find friends and lovers. This way, you would not need to splash your budget on tickets to Russia or Ukraine. They tend to be rather expensive these days. Single males looking for the Slavs to build relationships with can take advantage of the internet and join an online solution for Slavic women dating. These services will grant you access to the most beautiful girls from Eastern Europe.

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