Happiness After Divorce: Rewrite Your Story Of Love

In the most developed countries, the statistics of divorce are quite terrifying. Almost 2 out of 3 couples end up breaking up. Indeed, such a problem becomes hard to avoid, but is divorce a solution? For some married couples, it can be a way out as their relationships become too toxic to live together. But what happens after? Does life end or is it just a beginning? Actually, some endings signal the beginning of something. As nature has taught us, the end of something is always the beginning of something greater.

As it were, divorce may be something better in some senses. First of all, it’s a chance to get rid of the problems you have to deal with. Secondly, it’s about a chance to find true love even after divorce. Since the breakup, despite being too painful, is not the end of the world, you should know that your life will not be limited to depression and pain only. You’ll have a chance to feel everything that you have been missing so badly, and one of such feelings is love. Read on and find out what you need to know about finding love after divorce.

Finding love after divorce: when are you ready?

finding love after divorce

It’s really hard to say when someone is ready for a new romantic venture as there’s no clear guidebook where they can get to know that they are ready. Still, it may sound a bit cliché, but don’t forget that much depends on you. There are mainly two types of people trying to find someone.

One type is about people who have just divorced. The others belong to a group that underwent a painful process quite a long time ago. For the latter, finding love after divorce may not be challenging at all. For the former one, such a venture might be a bit complicated. Here are some signs that may imply your readiness for a new relationship:

when you think less about your ex: anger and offense can be among the reasons why you might overthink about your ex. Don’t forget that not everyone gets divorced because they don’t love each other, and thus, it can be even harder to get over everything. However, when you find yourself thinking about your ex less and less, it can sign your readiness.

  • when you don’t want to discuss your ex: it’s a commonly seen situation when people after divorce spend lots of time discussing their ex spouses. That happens and it’s quite a normal tendency. But after some time, you can feel reluctant to discuss your ex since you become aware that there’s no point in doing so, which is a good sign again.
  • when you want to change something: out of sudden, you might feel that you need to change something since the way you live doesn’t satisfy you at all. Here things get more pleasant, and it means you can start a new relationship without being obsessed with the past. Awareness that you need something new is what can motivate you to find true love even after divorce.
  • when you want to be more social: once you spot that you want to go somewhere and meet new people, it means you are almost there where you need to be. Desire to socialize and be around people you know is just one step closer to finding love after divorce.  
  • when you want to be a spotlight: when your friends tell you that you are liked by someone and this is what you need to hear, it means you may want to become a spotlight among people you can be interested in. Don’t forget that finding love after divorce lies through finding people you can be interested in.

How to find love after divorce: tips on dating divorced ladies

Why do people prefer dating divorced ladies?  What makes them so special? If you have undergone a long and painful process like divorce, you might be interested in dating divorced women. Of course, you are not limited to options of divorced ladies only as online dating platforms can offer more than you can imagine, but those who share similar experiences tend to have more solid bonds and make good couples in the future. Here are some other benefits of dating divorced women:

  • no need for devotion and commitment: divorced women may not be interested in a devoted relationship since they know that devotion can change throughout time, and thus, these females tend to value what they have right now.  Carpe diem might be their philosophy, and thus, creating relationships with them is much easier.
  • more understanding: common experience does a favor when it comes to dating divorced ladies. Your relationship is to be based on stronger bonds, and the common side is that you will understand and value each other more. Life shows that after divorce people become wiser and more considerate, so why miss a chance to find a person who will always understand you?
  • acceptance: being accepted as you are in reality is something unique and praiseworthy indeed. These women won’t try to change you or demand something unusual because they know that accepting people with all their flaws is the most important aspect of a relationship. If you want to be yourself, these ladies are not against that.
  • emotional support: when dating divorced women, it’s important to support each other as both of you have been through hard times. Thus, being together is the main principle that will be present in your relationship. You will always be sure that whenever you have hard times, there will be a person by your side who will be eager and ready to help emotionally.
  • more love than affection: when divorced people start dating those who have not been married, they may be offered more affection than needed. Of course, affection and empathy are important, but love is their ultimate goal, which is not always what these divorced people can get. So, dating divorced women is a chance to be loved deeply.
  • trust: although it can be harder for a divorced person to start trusting someone, divorced ladies can help with that. People sharing common experiences tend to trust each other faster and easier. Mutual trust is one of the key elements in finding love after divorce.

Finding love after divorce: online dating tips to know

falling in love after divorce

If you feel that you are ready to find true love after divorce, it means there are some important steps to be taken. Here are the tips you can find useful:

  • find a decent platform: one of the most critical steps is to find a nice site where you can find your future soulmate. Since you are intended to find true love, you need to choose a site aiming at a serious relationship. The more carefully you choose your platform, the higher chances of finding true love after divorce could be.
  • create a cool but informative profile: your profile is one of the most critical aspects when dating online. According to experts, try to include several cool photos of yours where you look charming so that you can get the attention of other users. Also, be sure that your profile is informative so that people can have a general idea about you in general and your preferences.
  • don’t try to attract everyone: you are not to attract everyone online, so there’s no need to appeal to everyone online. You need only those who tickle your interest in them. Thus, don’t try to spend lots of time communicating with everyone who can be interested in you. Simply put, you need to be picky.
  • choose only those you can be interested in: once people become interested in you, you’ll have to choose only those that are worth your attention. The main problem of many online dating platforms is that there can be too many candidates, and at the end of online dating, you may have problems choosing one particular match. Don’t forget that you are online to find your true love after divorce.  
  • try to be positive:  no matter what happens in your life, stay positive online. The more positive you are online, the more people can be interested in you. This means you will have a great range of profiles you can choose from.
  • communicate and chat frequently: instead of spending hours chatting and communicating with someone, try to do it more frequently. Frequent communication is considered to be more effective when it comes to online dating.

Where to find true love after divorce: choosing your platform

What is the best place for finding love after divorce? Definitely, online dating sites are the best options to start your venture online. However, it doesn’t mean that any random dating site can help you with that. Here are some critical factors you need to know when looking for the best site that will suit you:

  • safety: since you will share information and interact with other people online, you need to be sure about the quality of safety and security measures. Data protection should be ensured with the latest technologies.
  • profile quality: another important factor is the quality of profiles as you should be sure that you are chatting and communicating with real people online. Only top sites can ensure that you won’t have problems with fake profiles. 
  • customer support: support team should be professional and responsive. Thus, it should immediately react to the problems of the clients online. What’s more, this team must be easy to reach and thus provide options like live chat, phone number, or email address.
  • services: an abundance of services is what makes the site even better and more appealing. Since communication online is not limited to text chatting, the site should offer practical features you can benefit from.
  • reviews: before you start using any particular dating site, you need to look through existing reviews so that you can be sure to be using a reliable platform. Such reviews may give you useful insights about the site, and you can know which platforms you better avoid.

Bottom line

Divorce is not the end of life, but it’s just the end of the marriage, and to some extent, it’s a chance to start something from scratch. Finding love after divorce is real provided that you are ready for this. Take into consideration the tips mentioned above and get ready to let new love in your life.

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