American brides: complete guide 2021

Each man has his taste in women. Some love Slavic brides, others prefer Asian girls, and many men strive for dating American brides. American brides include many women, including Brazilian, Colombian, and Argentine girls who are really popular among men all over the world.

If you are one of their fans,  check out the following guide on American mail order brides and see which of them might be great for you and why.

Where to find American brides for marriage

You can look for your American brides in many places. If you are an American, you won’t have any difficulties with finding her because you can go out and meet ladies traditionally. Cafes, clubs, exhibitions, concerts, and any other places you love attending are at your disposal.

Another thing is if you want to meet South American brides. There are, of course, many of them in the USA but there are even more of them in South America, so to meet a diligent girl, you will need to travel and will be very welcome there. The reason is many South American women are dreaming of dating Americans, so your chances are quite high.

If you are a very modest, shy, or busy person, you can try and meet one of the American mail order brides. It is easy to do it. It is just necessary to join one of the dating sites and start looking for them. The following tips will help you find the right girl.

How to date South American mail order brides

american brides for marriage

There are plenty of sites where you can meet women from South America. They are looking for foreigners and the good news is that there are almost no scammers among them. All South American brides are happy to date foreign men and move to their countries. They are absolutely sincere about it.

The best thing about these girls is that most of them speak English. You won’t have difficulties communicating with them and do not need to pay for translation or interpretation while talking on the site or meeting in person. However, there are some tips you need to know to succeed with American mail order brides online.

Create a decent profile

When looking for a South American mail order bride, it’s crucial to have a good profile on the site. What does a good profile include? First of all, a good picture. Make sure it is updated. No one wants to look at a picture that was taken five years ago. Brides from South America do not post photoshopped photos and prefer everything to be natural.

If you post an old photo and then show up on a webcam or date, she will hardly be impressed. People gain and lose weight, get older, change their hairstyles, and just change with time. Even six months may be crucial for your appearance, so avoid posting old photos.

It is very important to post a picture of good quality. Girls should see your face clearly, otherwise, they will hardly notice you at all. No one wants to open profiles of people who didn’t even try to let them know how they look, so make sure everyone is able to see your face. Avoid posting a picture in shades for the same reason.

Completing the profile is a must.

Be yourself

South American brides like American men. However, they are sincere girls and prefer sincere men. If you pretend to be someone you are not, they will feel it very well. Girls do not like fake and not genuine men.

All South American girls are very genuine about their search and they have very traditional values. You can hardly find a Colombian or Brazilian gold-digger. They do not marry men for money. It is easy to surprise them and they are not demanding but very careful.

Do not try to lie or pretend, you will hardly succeed in that case.

Try to have a video chat first

If you decide to meet an American mail order bride, no matter how great she is, you should invite her for a video chat. You should not believe profile pictures too much. Before having a real date, it is crucial to see and hear each other on video.

The truth is you may not like each other on video and then, your real meeting will be a waste of time and money. If you need to travel to another city or to South America, meeting blindly won’t be reasonable while it requires a lot of expenses.

Video chat will help you understand whether you like each other and if you both look like in profile pictures. It is also quite important to see each other’s facial expressions and reactions to certain questions. Many people stop communicating exactly after their first video chat because the impression they got by letters was wrong. You should do the same — start talking on video, see each other, and make sure you need to meet in reality.

Improve your communication skills

South American mail order brides are very emotional. They pay a lot of attention to how you communicate with them. Since they speak English, the translators and interpreters won’t help and you will need to do everything on your own. If you are too shy and cannot communicate with girls well, you should learn it because all women in South America are very talkative and emotional.

It is important to lead a healthy dialogue with your lady. Do not let embarrassment spoil an impression about you. Make sure to ask questions instead of just being silent and do not talk just about yourself. American girls prefer sociable men, but they need to have some space for communicating with you.

How to date African American brides

south american brides

You are free to date African American ladies in your country and for that, you do not even need to join dating sites or travel somewhere. African American girls are not very different from other American brides if they were born and raised in the United States.

By the way, 25% of African Americans have met their boyfriends through their friends. Even though they live in the digital age, they prefer meeting guys in the traditional way. Thus, if you have some friends who can recommend you to single friends, go ahead and try your luck.

Here are a couple of tips that should help you date an American bride. Do not hesitate to use them and make them yours.

Be confident but forget about arrogance

American brides are not shy and they do not need shy men. Even though they can take initiative, they will not stand a moaning man. You should be confident enough for such a lady because a real man is what she is looking for.

However, American girls do not like arrogance. You do not have to confuse these two notions. They are very direct but do not like too much romance. Sending flowers to an unknown girl may be considered weak, so it is better to offer her flowers only when you are in a relationship.

An American bride can easily share the bill

If you have heard that when dating a Slavic woman, you need to pay all the dating bills, then you can relax with a bride from America. She can easily do it herself or share the bill with you. For American girls, it’s normal to pay for a date if she invites you.

If you do that, she may even get offended, so better not show too much of courtship when dating your girl from the USA.

They are open about their needs

If ladies from other countries might seem cold and difficult to approach, American brides are very open about what they want from you. She can easily come up and ask you out for a date. Men from other countries adore these girls exactly for that quality. Yes, they do not know what courtship is but they are clear about their wishes.

For a foreigner, it won’t be a problem to date an American bride and meet her somewhere in a club or café. You cannot tell the same about South American brides though. These girls, especially the ones from Brazil, Colombia, and Argentina, are very traditional when it comes to dating.

They do not initiate the conversation and do not ask the guys for dates. With South American beauties, you will have to pay the dating bills on your own. Picking a modest girl from South America or dating an open woman from the USA is up to you only.

American brides need guys with money

No, they are not gold-diggers or material women. They just want a man to have enough money for his family and woman. If they earn well, you must earn better. This is such a position and if you don’t like it, American brides do not really care.

Dating an American bride might be complicated if you are an American guy and want something more quiet and traditional. However, European guys often search for American girls because they do like their mindset and attitude towards relationships and dating, in general.

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