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You can see many online dating tips all over the web and it means that men need help with dating. If you are one of those guys struggling with dating young and beautiful girls, this guide is for you. In that post, you will find some really helpful tips for online dating in 2021.

Times change, people change, and women’s expectations and requirements change as well. You need to catch the newest tendencies if you want to succeed in online dating, so read carefully and make notes.

Online dating tips for men that 100% work

Among tips for online dating, you can find a vast number of  pretty generalized recommendations. They do not work for everyone, unfortunately. You must know what to pay attention to when dating someone online and when you need to stop wasting your money.

Hopefully, the following tips will help you understand when your online girlfriend is serious and when you need to stop your communication the soonest. In online dating, it is important not to be blind or lose your common sense. There are a lot of scams unfortunately and it is very easy to get trapped for any western man.

Your woman must be interested in you

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If you are dating online, you should always pay attention to how a woman behaves. For example, you have been communicating for a long time, you have spent a vast amount of money on letters and video chats, gifts for her, etc. In some time, you want to exchange personal contacts with her. However, she always makes excuses and refuses.

It is normal to make sure you are a good man and she can rely on you. Thus, she might be cautious for some time because she needs to be sure you are worthy to give you her personal phone number and communicate directly.

However, if you keep communicating for six months and her excuses never stop being created, she simply doesn’t want to give you her information. You should tell her directly that you do not want to send endless letters on the site and need some development of your relationship. It’s time to start respecting yourself and a woman should respect your wishes either. No respect, no further communication. She is simply not interested in you.

Always remain realistic

It is obvious that beautiful photos are the ones that attract you to her. However, one of the most important online dating tips is not to be too attracted to pictures. She may look incredible but in most cases, girls use professional photos, Photoshop, and various modern tools for processing their pictures. You should understand that and always ask for normal, casual, everyday photos of a lady.

The best thing would be to invite her to a video chat. This is the only way to check whether a woman is as beautiful in life as in her profile. If you are an old guy possessing average appearance, you should pick women not by their young age and beautiful body. You have to be realistic about your search.

A young and beautiful woman cannot pay attention to an average old man just because of his good qualities. When you get letters from such women and understand that you don’t look like Brad Pitt in your 56, you should find a woman who would match you much better and love you for who you are.

Pay attention to what they write

Letters are wonderful but you have to pay attention to their content. If you ask many questions in your messages but they are being ignored, you should think why. A woman interested in your correspondence will happily answer your questions. If some of them are improper, she will tell you that. However, ignoring them is not respectful at all.

Did you get a letter from a beautiful, hot, young lady who confessed to love you? Run away the soonest. Serious women, especially if you are looking for a Slavic girl, will never touch such topics. Love is a very sacred topic for them and they will discuss some feelings only after a personal meeting and not necessarily the first one.

Those ladies who write to men they have never seen about their love are most likely scammers and are not going to meet you at all. They just want you to spend more letter credits or give your contacts so they could ask for money directly. Do you believe it’s possible to fall in love with someone’s letters? Turn your common sense on and forget about it, you are dealing with a scammer.

Check blacklists

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Did you know about the existence of so-called blacklists? You can browse the Internet and check them. If you want to know the best tips for online dating, you should use this one. All girls who have ever scammed men are on such blacklists. Of course, if a scammed man or agency has added her to that list.

It’s very helpful to check such lists from time to time and you won’t find such a recommendation in speed dating tips or somewhere else. Before wasting your time on communication, gifts, or sending money to someone, browse that list. Who knows, your new crush may be an honored member of it. Even if you didn’t see her on that blacklist, pay attention to various red flags when dating online.

Do not be too suspicious

After so many online dating tips or being scammed once or more times, you are cautious and that is normal. However, not all girls on dating sites are scammers and many of them are looking for good husbands. You should not scare all decent brides because of your fears or bad experience. Sometimes, such an experience prevents you from being happy.

For example, if your woman doesn’t want to exchange contacts for some time, don’t go suspicious at once and give her some time to get to know you. After a long communication on the site, a woman will not refuse to provide you with her personal contact information. If she does, then you should ask her about the reasons first.

Your woman could also have a bad experience and be cautious about guys on the site. However, you cannot wait forever. Do not consider a woman to be a scammer just because it seems to you her actions can be scamming. You should be realistic and if you have communicated with a woman and she refused you, you shouldn’t consider it to be a scam. There are many reasons for women to refuse men, so realize that she has a right to that.

Online dating tips for men who want to succeed

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Apart from all you have read above, you should also know how to behave with women online. Online dating is not very different from real-life meetings and if you don’t need to take women for dates, you need to put in some effort for attracting women anyway.

Here are the most crucial things you should do to attract women. Try not to take online dating not seriously. If you want to find a real girlfriend, it will be still necessary to work on it a bit.

Make sure to post a picture

Women do not like profiles with no pictures and it’s no wonder because you also do not want to open profiles of women with no or bad photos. You would not like it if your crush posted a photo that was taken five or ten years ago. Thus, you should not do it either. The picture should be as recent as possible and it doesn’t have to be a photo in the surrounding of other men or women.

If you have children, posting a picture with them would be possible. Make sure not to wear shades in your pictures, at least in some of them. Post an appealing photo if possible, not the one where you are frowning. Photos must be positive and appealing to others.

Act the soonest

Communication is very pleasant for both parties but here is one of the most important dating tips — do not forget about your initial goal. You join the site not for eternal communication but for dating. Then you should date and not get stuck on the site forever. Some people are dependent on online dating and cannot live without it.

If you don’t want to depend on the process, act, and have real dates. This is the only reason why you became a member of an online dating site. Don’t send endless messages, gifts, and pay for webcam chats, better choose a couple of decent ladies and meet them in person.

Even though it may seem difficult to succeed in online dating at times, it is not that complicated if you use online dating tips for men and are careful. Yes, it is different from real-life relationships but it is just one of the ways to meet someone for dating and marriage. You should take this stage seriously as well.

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