The secrets of dating Ukrainian women

You must have heard a lot of things about Ukrainian women. Some of your friends might be married to them even and for that reason, you wonder where to find Ukrainian women for dating. Western guys often join Ukrainian women dating sites in search of happiness but get only disappointment and more fears and concerns about ladies in general.

Dating real Ukrainian women is not similar to dating girls in your country while their culture is different. You may say that if they are looking for foreign husbands, they should adjust to western culture and not dictate their rules. However, in their culture, everything works differently and you should know how exactly before starting your search for women from Ukraine.

Ukrainian culture on dating women

It is crucial to know the history, customs, and culture of the country where you are going to look for your bride. Beauty shouldn’t be the only criteria by which you choose your woman. There must be something more and to avoid misunderstandings, it’s necessary to know what to expect from dating a Ukrainian woman.

Your woman will also adjust to you in the future but it will happen only when you prove your devotion. Ukrainian culture on dating women is wonderful and it is what you call old school. Courtship is not dead in this country, so you should learn how to do that properly.

Men should conquer them

dating ukrainian women

Ukrainian women dating is about chasing your woman. Unlike American girls who can come to you and ask you out, Ukrainian ladies won’t do that. You are the one to act and she will think twice whether to go out with you or not.

A woman may refuse, but Ukrainian men never give up. If you really like her, you should act and make her yours. This is what they call conquering and Ukrainian women seem to love that chasing game.

They say when a woman says no, she doesn’t mean it. She just gives you a chance to show how much you like her. There is something romantic and at the same time, wild in it. If you think she won’t pay attention to you, you should act and make her do that.

For example, sending her a bunch of flowers would be a great sign of attention. To make her wonder who the follower is, do it anonymously. Do it without waiting for a special occasion. Ukrainian women deserve to be treated well without occasions.

This is just an example of how you can express your feelings. Ukrainian dating culture is about something more and here is what exactly.

Ukrainian men pay for everything

Of course, you don’t have to pay for her living or studies in the process of dating or getting to know each other. However, the dating bills are yours forever. It is a part of their culture and men always pay for the dates and even her taxis back and forth.

Is that your last money and you must go home on your feet? Not a big deal — her comfort is more important. This is the difference between western and Ukrainian men. Western guys never waste money and they cannot afford expensive dates if their salary is just in a week.

Ukrainian males can do crazy things for women. They can take the girls they like to the most expensive restaurants and pay their whole salary for just one evening. This is crazy you may think but women will say it’s romantic.

Women in Ukraine do not know what sharing the bills means and if you offer that, you will be automatically considered a greedy guy. These girls do not need greedy guys, so you should remember the rule of paying all the dating bills.

Gifts are a must

No one says you must offer expensive gifts when dating real Ukrainian women. However, remember that you don’t have to wait for an occasion to bring at least one rose for your woman. Flowers are not for wives only. As a rule, men buy flowers for every date in Ukraine and they consider it normal.

If you want to impress a Ukrainian woman, you should not wait for her to become your girlfriend. You should do it in the process of getting to know her and this is a must if you want this woman to be yours.

When being on a dating site, you should also show that you are interested in your Ukrainian woman. Sending her some flowers or chocolates won’t be expensive, but it will give you some extra points.

The attitude of Ukrainian women to online dating

ukrainian women dating site

Ukrainian women can be frequently seen on dating sites. When you see all those profiles online, it’s possible to assume all of these girls are eager to marry a foreigner and escape their terrible country. It is not like that, though.

Just a small percentage of Ukrainian girls are willing to date foreign guys and move abroad. Thus, if you think they are happy to date the very first foreigner they meet on a dating site, you are wrong.

Women from Ukraine join dating sites to find decent and worthy men and it doesn’t matter how much you earn or what country you come from. They have their own criteria and they pick men according to them.

They do not like annoying men

Ukrainian women join dating sites for dating and marriage. If you are one of those guys who prefer corresponding online and nothing more, then do not even hope for dating Ukrainian women. They are not here for endless online dating.

They do prefer talking on a video chat instead of sending letters. If you believe girls who spend days and nights online sending endless letters are serious, you should become more realistic. Real Ukrainian women have their lives and lots of different things to do.

Many of them have children and are single mothers. They have no time sitting and reading your letters all day long and replying back to you. They want real meetings and real actions. Sending tons of messages isn’t for them.

If you have managed to exchange phone numbers, you should not expect her to send you messages days and nights. If only you knew how many western guys were rejected because of not taking into account the time difference. When overwhelming her with messages, you should at least not forget that she might be sleeping in her time zone!

In general, women from Ukraine consider it to be a bad taste to bombard someone with letters or messages. Remember that this is just the initial stage of your acquaintance and no one owes you anything. You should not report about not being online for three hours and she doesn’t have to do the same. If you don’t want to scare your Ukrainian woman off forever, do not be annoying, and give her some personal space.

They open only decent profiles

When dating Ukrainian women online, you should not forget that these girls look like goddesses. You are surely flattered to see so many stunning women in one place. How do you plan to attract them? In online dating, your profile should do half of the job for you.

First of all, you should post an appealing picture, otherwise, why would an attractive young lady pay attention to you? Most westerners say that American women are too demanding but you shouldn’t think that Ukrainian women love men for nothing. They have their demands as well.

If you think a photo where only your eye or down part of your body is seen is good, forget about success. A beautiful woman wants to see a normal photo of a normal man, so please put in some effort to find a good and updated picture where your face and beautiful smile can be clearly seen.

If you are in your mid-forties, there is no need to post a photo of you in your twenties or thirties. First of all, no one will believe you look this way, and secondly, you don’t want her to be disappointed when seeing you in a video chat or a personal meeting, do you?

Ukrainian women are perfect for dating

ukrainian women dating sites

Even if you think they are hard to approach and it’s impossible to meet their demands, Ukrainian women are not aliens and they are very down-to-earth ladies with simple needs and desires. The only thing they want is a caring and normal man who can provide not only for himself but also for his family.

Don’t be afraid to try and comply with those requirements. The only thing you should remember is that Ukrainian women do not like when you talk a lot but do nothing. If you want a Ukrainian woman for dating, don’t speak but act.

A confident and decisive man is the one any Ukrainian woman wants to date. If you can be like that, you have no problem getting any Ukrainian woman you wish.

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