Can I find love after 60?

No matter what you think, the chances of finding love after 60 are still high. You might think that you are too old, but you are not. The only thing that matters is the way you feel inside. Even if you have had unsuccessful relationships in the past, you have big chances of finding love after 60 and divorce. Check out our recommendations on how to find your love after 60 and live the best part of your life in a couple!

Tips on finding love after being at age of 60:

Tip 1. Love yourself again.

Just because you are 60 does not mean it is too late to love a woman. Even if you have wrinkles, you might feel young inside. It is your soul and attitude towards life that matters. A woman of your age might fall in love with you even if you are sixty. You should be ready for that and start to love yourself before you meet the right woman.

Tip 2. Take care of the way you look.

chances of finding love after 60

Being 60 supposes that you take care of yourself even more than you did in the past. It includes taking a shower more regularly, painting your hair if you want or need it, shaving, and so on. You should look impeccable for your potential charming lady because you never know when and where you will meet her. You would better be ready to encounter her at your best.

Tip 3. Leave your past in your past.

Every person in their sixties might have some emotional baggage. However, your life and destiny are in your hands. Practically, it means that you would better get rid of the things from your past not to influence your present moment. For example, you would better throw away the presents from your ex as well as hide their photos with you and let new love in. Your past must not control your present and future.

Tip 4. Do not compare her with your ex.

Of course, your ex who passed away might seem to be the perfect woman for you, but do not compare your ex with your new potential lover. Do not criticize your new partner and try to accept her and love her for the way she is. Never criticize her and avoid saying negative things about the way she looks, dresses, cooks, and so on. 

Tip 5. Introduce her to your family and friends.

Make her feel accepted by your family. You might, for instance, introduce her to your kids. They might not love her at the first sight, but she will feel that you are ready to move on with her which is a big plus for her. If your friends get to know her, they will share their opinion about her with you and give you precious comments about her, of course, if they are your real friends.

Tip 6. Clarify your motives towards her.

Say it directly if you are looking for a companion to go to the cinema, lunch, or you are looking for something more than that. Tell her if you treat her just like a friend and she will understand that, but never play games with her. Make sure your intentions are vivid to her. Always tell the truth but do it in a wise manner not to hurt her feelings even if you are not serious about her.

Tip 7. Stay alert.

Some people are looking for a person to love while others want just to take advantage of the person that opens up their heart. Be cautious if your partner tells you sad stories and asks you to give her money. Probably, she behaves this way with every single man. You would better avoid dating a woman that is seeking your personal information as well as financial data. Never give your pin code or password to your bank account to a woman you do not know well.

Tip 8. Trust your gut.

chances of finding love after 60 divorce

Chemistry is very important in every relationship, even if you are 60. Who said that you cannot make love being 60? However, you would better trust your instincts if she begins to control yourself and calls you one hundred times per day. Stay away from a woman who often complains to you about everybody or everything because, probably, she might not be healthy mentally or just not ready to love someone. If your gut tells you that it would be better to run away from her, follow your intuition. 

Tip 9. Avoid having sex on the first date.

Even if you are sixty, your hormones are on as well as hers. Do not try to seduce her on the very first date. Wait till you both are ready. It would be better to wait until you decide to marry her because she might misunderstand you if you act like a pick-upper who only wants to have sex. Women in their sixties are smarter and wiser than other girls.

Tip 10. Use the help of a professional matchmaker.

Sometimes, if you see that it does not work with her, you would better ask a professional matchmaker to assist you with your relationships. They might give you a valuable piece of advice. Do not hesitate to pay money for that because your friends and family might not know the specific nuances of dating a woman in her sixties. Being a man in your sixties supposes you to behave a different way if compared to a younger man. Use the recommendations of the matchmaker with obedience. 

Tip 11. Do not expect your children to love her soon.

They might get suspicious about your potential bride. You should never stop dating her just because your kids dislike her because they might be just jealous of you and her. Your family might also misunderstand her because they might come from different social circles. If you love her, no hindrances might separate you both. Just give your family and friends time to get used to her.

Tip 12. Use dating platforms.

If you want to find both stunning and smart women in their sixties, you would better utilize dating sites. There, you have a chance to message a woman you like and schedule an online date with her whenever she is available. Dating websites are a perfect way out for you if you want to build strong and healthy relationships with a woman of your dreams. Do not hesitate to write to her first and feel free to invite her to a real date after a month of dating online.    

Can I find my love on dating sites?

Looking for love, you should consider dating sites more seriously. As long as the world is getting more and more computerized, more and more couples are created online. If you want to build steady and healthy relationships, you might begin to date firstly online. Spend, at least, a month of dating this way and if everything is okay, feel free to move on with her and invite her to a traditional date. You should do that because you need to build trust between each other and become friends, and only then figure out whether there is chemistry between you which is also a must. 

Do smart and beautiful women hang out on dating sites?

finding love after age 60

You might be shocked, but the vast majority of intelligent and stunning girls would never go to the bar to find their love. They would better use a dating site, instead. Can you imagine a beautiful lady in her sixties in a bar? No way! Every woman in her sixties is smart enough to be looking for a man of her dreams in a proper place. A dating site is the best place for her to find you. 

Are women in their sixties good in bed?

All women in their sixties have already had some experience in sex. They do know how to please their partner. So yes, they are good in bed with a man they find attractive. If only this man was wise enough to have sex only after they marry. Sex is not everything a man must be looking for in relationships, however.


Every man has a right and deserves to be happy despite their age. Even if you are in your sixties, you would better be actively looking for your perfect match and never give up if younger ladies refuse you because some women prefer men who are older than they. Never lose hope and ask your friends to help you create the best profile on a dating site you choose. You might do it by yourself, but our friends sometimes know us better than we do. Ask them to proofread your profile and add the facts into an About me section which they think are essential. Your love is on the way, keep it in mind!

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