Dating a single mom: advice 2021

Lots of men are afraid of dating a single mom because of extra responsibilities. However, these fears have no reasons and background. The benefits of dating a single mom are multiple, so you should not have any concerns.

However, it would be good to know some things when having a relationship with a single mother. This guide is aimed to let you know everything about it as well as how to enjoy dating a single mom with a toddler.

Why you should date a single mom

Regardless of very common beliefs, dating a single mom is not as scary as you may think. Many women date single fathers without having any concerns, so why are you afraid of having a relationship with a woman who raises her child or children alone?

Dating a single mother has a range of benefits and you should take them into account when picking a woman for a relationship. Instead of rejecting such a lady and denying them in general, you should reboot your mind and start at least considering such a relationship.

Single mothers are responsible

tips for dating a single mom

The benefits of dating a single mom are obvious. You will hardly meet these women in bars or nightclubs. They simply do not have time for that and their interests are totally different. All their life is built around their children.

They must take care not only of themselves but also of their babies and this is a huge responsibility. It doesn’t mean these ladies do not know what having fun and entertaining is. They do, however, have their obligations and know what a family is.

If you are not looking for fun but a woman for having a family with, a single mom would be perfect for that while she doesn’t have to adapt to family life. She is marriage material, so to say.

If you have your own children, a single mom is a perfect match

No matter whether you are a single dad or just a divorced man whose kids spend time with you from time to time, a woman who has no children will hardly understand you. She needs a lot of attention and might be jealous if you spend time with kids and not with her. Such a lady can easily ask you to make a choice between her and your kids.

When dating a single mom, you will not have such a problem. She has the same situation as you and will never be jealous or create any dramas because you need to cancel the date or change your plans to pick up your kids. She has the same issues and is understanding.

In fact, the situation when two partners in a couple have children is better than if only one of you has children. You know how to deal with it and how to build a relationship taking into account the interests of everyone.

Tips for dating a single mom

dating a single mom with a toddler

If you consider relationships with a mother having a child or children, you should realize that being a single mom and dating is not easy. You cannot act according to the same scenario as with  all other women who have no children.

Single moms don’t belong to themselves but have other people to take care of. You cannot simply call her and ask out tonight when you wish without taking into account her babies. That’s why, if you are going to date a single mother, check the tips below to make your relationship progress well and not to spoil everything.

Don’t forget she has a child

Dating a single mom whose kid or kids are grown isn’t a big deal because her life is already more or less adjusted. However, dating a single mom with a toddler is never easy. You should never forget about her having a child.

Do not be selfish and don’t call her at night. She might need some rest because of her baby. If you ask her for a date, do it in advance. For example, you cannot just call her and ask her out in an hour. She needs time to find someone to look after her child.

If you do that all the time, she will hardly continue a relationship with you. Single moms need understanding men and you should never forget about her special conditions. We would recommend to be just a bit more attentive and take her peculiarities into account.

Don’t insist to meet her children

Dating a young single mom is great and you can really benefit from that relationship. However, it is only up to her when she wants to introduce you to her children. Never insist on doing it. Do not be offended if she doesn’t want to do it right now.

It only means for her it is not the right time yet. You don’t know how her family or children perceive people they don’t know. Their mother knows when it is the right time and she doesn’t want to hurt them. Avoid pushing her.

There is another side to that situation though. You shouldn’t avoid meeting her children also. Some guys are very scared to do this and once their crush invites them, they do nothing but reject. This is the wrong tactic. If you plan serious relationships with that lady, you will have to meet and get along well with children who are an integral part of her life.

Realize that you will never be her priority

dating a single mom relationship advice

Dating as a single mom is not easy because a lady always has to take care of her children. Such women need men like no one else because they need support and help. However, if you are going  to unite your life with a single mother, be sure to realize that you will never be her priority.

This is probably the most important relationship advice when dating a single mom. Don’t worry, it doesn’t mean you will lack her attention or love. She will care and pamper you as she has to. However, her children are her priority and it will always be like that.

You have to understand that well and never make her choose between you and them. Naturally, she will choose her babies and it cannot be different. Be her partner and a friend of her children instead of being their competitor.

Never discipline her children

If your crush has asked you for parenting advice, it’s ok to give your opinion to her. However, you should not go further. Her children’s discipline is up to her and it is not your business at all. These kids have a mother and most likely, a father who participates in their life and upbringing.

You can help, support, suggest something if she asks but never try to teach or parent them at least at the stage of dating a young single mom. Your initiative in that case is also not necessary. For example, you don’t like the behavior of her babies or have certain concerns. Don’t try to solve the problem on your own.

If you wish, discuss it with her softly but don’t be mean or persistent. Just express your concerns and if she asks, offer your solutions. Never handle it without letting her know though. The problem in your relationship will be inevitable.

Don’t conflict with her ex

Yes, your wish to support your current mom who raises her children alone is clear and obvious. However, you should avoid conflicts with her ex-husband. Very often, guys are concerned and irritated by their girlfriends’ being in touch with their exes. Lots of conflicts arise.

Remember that you will never get rid of her ex in her life. The reality is he is the father of her children and he will always participate in their life regardless of whether you like it or not. It is not only normal but also necessary. You will not substitute him in the life of his kids.

You shouldn’t even try to do it. Be patient and mature. You are an adult and confident man who doesn’t doubt his woman, so why would you have conflicts? Adult and wise people can easily solve all the problems and find compromises. Just try and you will see it is not difficult.

If you cannot accept her communication with the father of her children, your woman may not really need you. She needs a mature and responsible partner who understands her situation and not the one who causes dramas without any reason.

Dating a single mom isn’t difficult but a bit specific. Understand her situation and be supportive and then, you will have no trouble dating her. You shouldn’t strive for replacing the father of her children but becoming their best friend and the one who supports and loves their mom no matter what.

Single mothers have a lot of difficulties in their lives, and the only thing they need is understanding and support. Give it to her instead of making her life even more complicated.

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