Slavic women dating tips

Dating Slavic women seems to be a new trend while all western guys strive for finding a Slavic wife. Slavic women are very popular in the West and there are some reasons for that. However, before looking for a Slavic woman, you should make it clear in what country to look for.

Many women belong to Slavs and not only Russian or Ukrainian as everyone used to believe. Thus, you should clearly know what country to look in because this makes a big difference. Slavic women in various countries have different expectations and mentality.

Find out everything about Slavic women dating in the guide below and check the best dating tips. Hopefully, it will help you conquer your woman from one of the Slavic countries.

Slavic women: where do they come from?

All Slavic women can be divided into groups. Ukrainian, Russian, Belarusian, Polish, Bulgarian, Slovenian, Slovakian, and other ladies belong to them. As you can see, these are absolutely different nations and, thus, different countries, cultures, and attitudes to dating and relationships.

You used to see mostly Russian, Ukrainian, and Belarusian women on Slavic women dating sites. This is natural because only these ladies join traditional dating sites and if you are looking for these Slavic women on free dating sites, you will hardly find them. The reason is that they do not trust free services while they do not consider men to be serious there.

You can also find a lot of Bulgarian women on Slavic dating sites. They happily join different services and are looking for foreign husbands. Polish, Slovenian, and Slovakian women can be found on free dating sites for Slavic women. There are also lots of matchmaking services where you cannot see their profiles.

The problem is that in the EU, the personal data of users are protected and profiles of Polish, Bulgarian, Slovenian, and Slovakian women cannot be posted on the site. You need to sign up with that service and only after paying the fees, get profiles of possible matches.

The attitude of Slavic women to foreigners

dating slavic women

Once again, it’s necessary to distinguish women from which countries you are interested in. When speaking about Belarusian women, it’s possible to admit that most of them are willing to marry foreign men, especially those from the United States, UK, Europe, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. Belarus is the country of divorced ladies and Slavic women from that country are dating foreigners with pleasure. If your country is not on that list though, you will hardly have chances with Belarusian girls.

Polish, Bulgarian, Slovenian, and Slovakian women are Europeans and have Slavic spirits but western mindsets. They don’t have any problems with dating foreign guys. Girls from Poland date Americans, Slovenian and Slovakian women date Europeans from other countries, and Bulgarian girls are the most traditional Slavs who speak English and date foreigners from different countries.

Although Russian and Ukrainian women are the most frequent members on Slavic dating sites, this is just a small percentage of Slavic women. Only 15% of Russian ladies are willing to date and marry foreigners according to a survey. Around the same number of Ukrainian females want to have foreign husbands.

In general, many Ukrainian and Russian women are disappointed with males in their countries and that’s why they register on Slavic dating sites for meeting foreign grooms. Their attitude to western guys is good and they like your mindset, however, American and European men often do not meet all their expectations. If you want to succeed, check these Slavic dating tips below.

Dating Slavic women: the dos and don’ts

Dating Slavic women is not that easy. When joining Slavic women dating sites, you should also follow certain rules because their mindset and attitude to relationships are different than yours. Very often, different misunderstandings arise exactly because of cultural differences.

You will find all the expectations and requirements of Slavic women towards dating and men, in general. Try to think of them and understand whether you have enough qualities to conquer Slavic women.

They expect men to look masculine

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Modern metrosexual men are not for Slavic women. The reason is no matter what country your lady comes from, she will look perfect. Ukrainian or Bulgarian, Slovenian or Belarusian women — all of them pay huge attention to their appearances. This is in their blood and they do not cheat on that tradition.

Slavic women look feminine and very well-cared for. They are impressive and know how to knock men off their feet. If you want to comply with her, it is necessary to pay attention to your appearance as well. However, don’t overdo.

Slavic women prefer masculine and well-cared men who watch their appearance. If you pay too much attention to it though, they cannot stand it. Men who spend much time on shopping and beauty salons are of no interest to them. Remember that you should not be careless and messy but look after yourself. However, remain masculine at the same time — beauty salons are for women.

Slavic women need interesting interlocutors

When dating Slavic women, you may notice that all of them are very intelligent, educated, and hardworking. They can discuss any topic and impress a man not only by their beauty and femininity but also their intelligence. You will never get bored when dating such a lady. However, do not forget to comply with her in that aspect as well.

You don’t have to hold high degrees for doing it. It is crucial to have great communication skills, a sense of humor, and be an interesting man, in general. If you are a scientist and cannot discuss other topics but your field of study and work, it will not be interesting for a Slavic lady to communicate with you.

They are very diverse individuals and are looking for men who would not make them bored. If your communication skills need to be improved, you’d better do that. When dating a Slavic woman, you should not be limited to general phrases but be able to maintain an interesting conversation.

Slavic women prefer dating smart men, those who make them laugh and are not boring.

They want financial security

You may consider it gold-digging, refuse dating Slavic women because of them being materialistic and desiring your money most of all, but the fact they need financial stability is undeniable. These ladies know what they want, how to take care of men, how to make you happy, and keep your household and make you return home every evening. In return, they need a man who can support them fully.

No, don’t think that she will sit at home and you will need to provide for her. This is only up to you both, but modern Slavic women prefer to work in most cases. They have good careers, earn pretty well, and can provide for themselves.

However, if you cannot provide them with the same level of comfort as they do themselves, they will hardly choose such a man.

Slavic women need romance

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Even when speaking about those Slavic women who live in Europe, it’s possible to say that they are expecting certain romantic actions from men. Dating them is a sort of chasing game. You will need to put in a lot of effort to start dating your Slavic woman. Even if you met her on dating sites, writing a poem for her or sending long letters would not be enough.

You should prove that you really are interested in her. For example, Belarusian ladies are more pragmatic and they exchange contact details much easier than Ukrainian and Russian girls. Russian and Ukrainian brides are much more difficult when it comes to exchanging contacts. They are quite cautious and believe that you need to communicate for some time and send some gifts even before they give you their personal contact information or meet in person. 

Romantic actions are a must when it comes to Slavic women. The dates must be accompanied by flowers and do not forget to pay for her taxi back and forth. This is a part of the courtship process and Slavic culture.

Adore complaining? Forget about Slavic women

Complaints are not something Slavic women are looking for in dating. You can be rejected right on a dating site when communicating online. Slavic ladies adore it when a man is confident and self-sufficient.

If you are complaining about financial issues, prices, politics, and everything around you, and especially how far she lives and you cannot come to meet her because it is very expensive, you may forget about dating your Slavic woman.

In general, females with Slavic routes are very strong and can cope with all the difficulties on their own. They prefer it when their men are even stronger emotionally and mentally. These girls do not like dealing with weak and unconfident guys.

If you are looking for dating Slavic women, you should not be afraid of them. They are not demanding or materialistic; however, ladies have their image of a real man and want to find someone who would correspond to it.

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